5 Unique Wedding Traditions From Around the World
Captured by Kiyoshi Ota.

5 Unique Wedding Traditions From Around the World

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Weddings are a universal celebration of love, but the way people celebrate this joyous occasion varies fascinatingly across cultures. From vibrant ceremonies to unique customs, let’s embark on a whirlwind tour of five incredible wedding traditions from around the world. Each tradition reflects the rich cultural heritage and unique customs that make weddings globally diverse and beautifully unique.

India: The Vibrant Henna Ceremony

In Indian culture, the ‘Mehndi’ ceremony is an integral part of the wedding festivities. This event, usually held a day before the wedding, involves applying intricate henna designs on the bride’s hands and feet. It’s believed that the darker the henna, the stronger the bond and the love in the marriage. This vibrant, joyous occasion is filled with dancing, singing, and a display of colorful attire, symbolising good luck and prosperity.

Japan: The Sake-Sharing Ceremony

In traditional Japanese weddings, the ‘San San Kudo’ ceremony is a significant ritual. It involves the bride and groom taking three sips each from three flat sake cups, followed by their parents, symbolising the union of two families. The numbers three and nine are considered lucky in Japanese culture. This ceremony, steeped in tradition, elegantly symbolises the bonding of families and the importance of shared happiness.

Scotland: The Spirited ‘Blackening’

The Scottish have a unique pre-wedding tradition known as ‘Blackening the Bride’. Friends and family gather to surprise the bride and sometimes the groom with a shower of all sorts of messy substances like mud, soot, and flour. This custom is believed to bring good luck and prepare the couple for the hardships of marriage. It’s a rambunctious and spirited affair, filled with laughter and joy.

Germany: The Trust-Building Log Sawing

Post-ceremony, German newlyweds participate in ‘Baumstamm sägen’, which translates to sawing a log. The couple works together to saw through a log placed on a sawhorse, symbolising their first challenge as a married couple. This tradition tests their teamwork and signifies the overcoming of obstacles through mutual effort, setting the tone for their future together.

South Korea: The Goose Offering – A Symbol of Lifelong Commitment

In South Korean weddings, a unique and poignant tradition involves the groom presenting his mother-in-law with a live goose or duck. This custom, known as ‘Jeonanrye’, is highly symbolic. The goose represents the groom’s pure intentions and commitment, as geese are known to mate for life. While modern weddings often see a wooden goose used in place of a live one, the underlying symbolism remains — a promise of lifelong devotion and fidelity. This beautiful tradition is a testament to the sanctity and seriousness with which marriage is approached in South Korean culture.

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