Unveiling the Top Wedding Signage Trends of 2024
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Unveiling the Top Wedding Signage Trends of 2024


As weddings continue to evolve, so do the creative ways couples personalise their celebrations. One standout element that adds charm and personality to any wedding is signage.

In 2024, we anticipate some exciting trends in wedding signage that promise to elevate the aesthetics and experience of tying the knot. Let’s explore the top trends that are stealing the spotlight this year.

Acrylic Elegance

Transparent acrylic signs are taking center stage in 2024. These sleek and modern signs effortlessly blend with any wedding theme. Couples are opting for acrylic welcome signs, seating charts, and even vows displayed on transparent surfaces. The minimalist look adds a touch of sophistication to the overall decor and is incredibly versatile to suit a range of locations and styles.

Mirrored Signage

Similar to acrylic signs, mirror signage with stunning handwritten welcomes add to your chosen location whilst adding a sense of formality. Use vinyl typeset text or chalk pen calligraphy to suit your celebration’s style.

Digital Interactive Signage

Embracing technology, couples are incorporating digital interactive signage into their weddings. Touchscreen displays with interactive maps, animated seating charts, and even QR codes that lead to personalised wedding websites are becoming popular. It’s a modern way to engage guests and enhance their overall experience.

Botanical Bliss

Bringing the outdoors in, botanical-inspired signage is flourishing in 2024. Think lush greenery with floral accents. Couples are opting for hand-painted signs adorned with delicate flowers or greenery, creating a romantic and natural ambiance.

Floating Fabric

Floating streams of fabric with hand-written text offer a whimsical alternative to wedding signage in 2024. Add another top trend, bows, for a simple, romantic switch to the regular easel and board.

Destination-Inspired Signage

For couples celebrating their love in destination weddings, incorporating signage inspired by the location is a hot trend. Maps, travel-inspired quotes, and destination-themed directional signs add a unique touch and help guests navigate the venue with style.

Sustainable Signage

With a growing focus on eco-friendly weddings, sustainable signage is gaining momentum. Couples are opting for recycled materials, erasable text on tablecloths, walls and more. Not only do these choices contribute to a greener environment, but they also add a rustic and natural vibe to the wedding decor.

Through 2024, wedding signage is all about personalisation, innovation, and a touch of nostalgia. Couples are using signage not just for practical purposes but as a means of artistic expression. Whether you lean towards modern acrylic or embrace the charm of floating fabrics or floral installations, incorporating these different approaches to welcome your guests is a fantastic way to expand your style across the whole celebration.

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