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we’re bryce + lauren, a husband and wife team from the gold coast, australia. we’re the founders of common studios and are so glad you stumbled across our page!

since you’re here, we might as well tell you a little bit about us and how common studios started.

we met in high school and mixed in the same groups but we became good friends in year 12 when lauren bravely asked bryce to the year 12 formal. we continued hanging out as friends then roughly a year after we graduated high school, we officially became a couple.

during our studies at uni, we travelled every break we got. photography was always a way for us to document and share our experiences, whether it be on our travels or at home. from this passion, we unintentionally began our business when friends and family who had followed our photography on social media started to ask us to photograph their special moments including a friend who trusted us enough to shoot their wedding.

since then, we’ve grown and learnt a lot. we have expanded our services from solely photography to videography as well. we have captured a number of beautiful couples tie the knot. but most importantly, we have been lucky enough to build a business doing what we love – documenting and sharing stories. we have come a long way from those two students taking happy snaps on our holidays. we now have a team of hand-picked photographers and videographers we get to work with and it’s no longer our story we are telling – it’s the story of our friends, family and couples all over the world making the biggest commitment of all – real life love stories.


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