Our stories and memories are integral to the fabric of our lives and relationships. I’m intensely drawn to the art of memory keeping. As an observer and a friend, documenting stories for people is a profoundly rewarding experience, and so nourishing for me creatively.

My teenage years were spent arms deep in chemicals, bathed in red in the darkroom. I was pretty shit at photography then, but it was the only class I got straight A’s so I ran with that.

I take a relaxed, photojournalistic approach, focusing on detailing the connections, chemistry and emotion that weave through a wedding day to capture often understated moments that are in fact, profound. I love to work together with my clients to create shit-hot imagery!

The blessing of this job is the skill-set it’s provided me to be able to gel with any type of human from every walk of life. The experience of wedding photography allows us to walk into any situation and be able to adapt to the flow, calm that shit, and banter with the crew to keep the vibes lit. I’m there to be your sister with a camera and document the glorious way that your loved one’s see you – as the absolute lords you are.


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