Top Venues Around Australia for a Bridgerton-Style Wedding
Milton Park, Bowral NSW

Top Venues Around Australia for a Bridgerton-Style Wedding

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It has come to this author’s attention that there is a growing desire among the betrothed to host weddings that rival the grandest balls of the ton. Indeed, nothing less than opulence and regency splendor will suffice. Fear not, for Australia is replete with venues that exude the elegance and charm worthy of a Bridgerton affair. Whether one seeks the lush gardens of a stately manor or the timeless allure of a grand ballroom, these top venues are certain to delight even the most discerning of debutantes and their beloveds.

Herein lies a list of the finest establishments where one might host a wedding that will be the talk of the season. Prepare your quills and take note, for these venues are bound to inspire tales of romance and grandeur for years to come.

Chateau Yering Hotel, Yarra Valley, VIC

Set in the heart of the Yarra Valley, Chateau Yering Hotel offers a blend of Victorian-era elegance and modern luxury. With its sweeping gardens and stately architecture, it’s the perfect setting for a regal wedding.

The historic mansion, grand ballroom, and beautifully manicured gardens provide a romantic backdrop reminiscent of Bridgerton’s lavish parties.

Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa, Bowral, NSW

Home to the Australian premier of the latest season itself and nestled in the Southern Highlands, Milton Park Country House exudes old-world charm and sophistication. The estate’s French-style gardens and grand interiors create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

The ornate ballroom, lush gardens, and elegant guest rooms offer an ideal setting for a Bridgerton-inspired celebration.

Quamby Estate, Tasmania

Quamby Estate, located in Tasmania, is a historic homestead that offers a picturesque and elegant venue for weddings. The estate’s Georgian architecture and expansive grounds provide a timeless and grand setting.

The estate’s beautiful gardens, historic interiors, and charming chapel are perfect for creating a Bridgerton-style atmosphere.

Campbell Point House, Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Campbell Point House is a luxurious private estate situated on the Bellarine Peninsula. Inspired by French chateaus, it offers a stunning lakeside setting with elegant interiors and manicured gardens.

The estate’s opulent ballroom, lakeside views, and refined decor create a romantic and sophisticated backdrop for your wedding.

Lindesay House, Sydney, NSW

Lindesay House, located in Darling Point, is a historic mansion with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour. The Georgian-style architecture and beautifully maintained gardens provide a classic and elegant venue.

The grand drawing room, charming garden courtyard, and stunning harbor views make Lindesay House an ideal choice for a Bridgerton-themed wedding.

Deux Belettes, Newrybar, NSW

Nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland, Deux Belettes is a French-inspired chateau that offers a truly enchanting setting for a wedding. The venue’s stone architecture, exquisite gardens, and elegant interiors evoke a sense of timeless romance.

The charming courtyard, luxurious guest rooms, and picturesque surroundings make Deux Belettes an ideal venue for a Bridgerton-style celebration.

For couples dreaming of a wedding inspired by the grandeur and romance of Bridgerton, these venues across Australia offer the perfect blend of elegance, history, and beauty. Each location provides a unique charm and sophistication, ensuring your special day is as enchanting and memorable as the Bridgerton ballrooms.

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