10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking
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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking

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You’ve sorted your shortlist for the perfect venue, nows the time to book one in. But before you do, here are ten questions to ask to ensure your plans start and end without a hitch.

1. Is there a minimum spend?

Venues can differ in their pricing, with some being a flat price per head, others incorporating a venue hire component and others a mix of both. Gain clarity over what the minimum cost will be for your group and how many hours that covers of venue use to assist in comparing apples to apples.

2. What time is curfew?

Be sure to check what restrictions are on starting and ending the evening. When can last drinks be served? What time does live music have to end and when does everyone need to be off-site? This can help with planning backwards for timing packages for your other vendors.

3. Do we need to hire any extra staff?

Are you looking at a DIY venue where you need to organise your own staff for catering, bar and more or maybe your venue provides this but has a requirement for security for larger groups? Double check this to ensure you budget and organise for any extra staff that may be needed.

4. Is there a cleaning fee?

Is cleaning of the venue included in your fee? a requirement on your end or an additional fee payable? Double check the requirements to not be surprised with an early morning of cleaning or an unexpected bill the next day.

5. Are their any limitations on vendor choices?

Does your venue have recommended vendors? Is there a restriction on any not on this list? Be sure to double check prior to booking in to get a greater overview of where your budget and required vendors lands with that venue.

6. Is the venue accessible?

Make sure everyone feels welcome and can be a part of all celebrations by checking the accessibility of your chosen venue ahead of the day. If there are certain pain points you can then come up with a solution and communicate this with any guests that may need it.

7. What’s the wet weather plan? Or what about if the power goes out?

Is there an inside option? A backup power generator or a sister venue thats used in the case of emergency? Be sure to know both the best and worst case situation and ensure you’re happy with both before booking in your date.

8. What time is available for set up and pack down?

Before you go and organise (and pay for!) an elaborate installation, double check your venue’s availability for both stylist bump-in and pack down.

9. Whats the best option for accommodation?

Double check the accommodation recommendations for your venue and see what options there are for both transport to and from your event.

10. Are there any past weddings you can share for photography inspiration?

Check with your photographer if they’ve shot at your preferred venue previously and if not see if they can share any previous wedding images to get some inspiration on location possibilities for your own shoot.

Now that you’re prepared, browse our amazing list of wedding venues to get your shortlist sorted or check out our ultimate wedding planning timeline for more great tips.

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